2019 Finalist


AGE: 20
NATIONALITY: German/Turkish
GAME: Gran Turismo
COMPETITION: 2018 GT Nations Cup – Europe
TWITTER: @HizalMikail

This or that

Which do you prefer?

Wet or Dry: Dry
Qualifying or Race: Qualifying
GT or Single Seater: Single seater
Coffee or Energy Drink: Coffee
Sprint Race or Endurance: Endurance
Traction Control On or Off: Off
Race at Night or Day: Day

When did you start gaming, how old were you, and what was the game?

I started gaming when i was six years old and my first game was Gran Turismo 2 for the PS1.

When did you start sim racing, how old were you, and what was the game?

I started sim racing after i joined Team Redline ironically when i was 15 years old. The game was Gran Turismo 6. I had to buy a wheel after i joined them.

Favorite track in sim racing?

My favourite track in sim racing is Suzuka.

Favorite car in sim racing?

My favourite car in sim racing is the Formula Gran Turismo from Gran Turismo 6. Such a fun car to drive with.

Dream real-life road car?

My favourite car of all time is the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR but if I had to afford one realistically then it would be the Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 6 GC8 (22B would be better but that’s way too expensive unfortunately).

Favorite real-world motorsport championship?

My favourite real world motorsport championships are Formula 1 and Super GT.

Circuit you would most like to drive for real?

The tracks i would most like to drive in real life are Suzuka, Fuji Speedway, Sugo, Spa and the Nordschleife.

Car you would most like to drive for real?

Ah that’s a tough one but at the moment i just have no idea which car i would like to drive on real.

Real-world motor racing hero?

My real motorsport heroes are Lewis Hamilton and Walter Röhrl. For Lewis as I admire where he came from (I can relate to that) and his insane natural speed. For Röhrl as he’s just a genius and always fun to watch him driving a car (same for his interviews).