Our finalists got to experience some of the best California had to offer in the closing days of the #CaliforniaDreamin tour, visiting coastal Carmel and Yosemite National Park before heading back to Las Vegas for the grand finale.

Despite the stunning scenery, it certainly wasn’t a vacation for the remaining gamers in the competition.

First, the guys were put through their paces, literally, by Head of Physical and Mental Performance Simon Fitchett in a beach agility trial on the shores of Carmel at sunset.

The footwork and sprinting course left the finalists gasping for air—and even losing their lunches—on the otherwise-idyllic beach.

“The beach where we did the agility training was really beautiful, but I wouldn’t say we got to enjoy it much!” Sebastian Job said.

“Simon pushed us really hard. I know a few of us were pushed so hard we puked, and a couple of the guys fell in the sand.

“But this is the kind of training we need to get better at. And at least we were doing it in a stunning place.”

Their travels then took them to Yosemite National Park for a chance to clear their heads and get a pep talk from coach Rudy van Buren.

Set against the sheer granite cliffs and coniferous trees of the park, the gamers got to enjoy a final moment of calm before the drive down to Las Vegas and the high-pressure final.

“It is crunch time for the guys on Tuesday. It could be the day that could change their life forever,” van Buren said.

“That is exactly what happened for me. My life has never been the same since I won World’s Fastest Gamer. They have to grab the opportunity with both hands and show us tomorrow they have what it takes to perform at the highest level.”