With just two days left to enter, Esports fans are telling us why they need the $30k Allinsports gaming rig World’s Fastest Gamer is giving away during the countdown to the ‘California Dreamin’ tour.

Commenters have been inundating the World’s Fastest Gamer Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for why they should be the lucky one to have an eRacer gaming rig in their home.  The winner will be announced this coming Saturday but until then, make sure you comment on this Twitter post, this Instagram post and this Facebook post for your best chance to win!  You have until September 27 at 19:00 BST for your chance to win.  The eRacer features include:

  • Custom made wheel with multi-screen colour display and racing quick-release mechanism
  • Steering force-feedback is Leo Bodnar direct drive – the best in the market for pro racers
  • Seat and base of the sim are custom made carbon fibre by Allinsports
  • Powered by Intel 8th Gen Core™ i5 processor, GeForce RTX™ 20-series graphics card & premium connectivity.
  • Brake adjustment includes racing suspension bump rubbers for adjustment
  • Pedals are Allinsports’s custom-made that have a racing-spec load cell on the brake

Some of our favorite responses to the competition so far include:               

Learn British Naval History while brushing up on their skills

Several families want to pass the joy of sim racing onto the next generation


There are people who want to upgrade their current setups


Others have aspirations of using the Allinsports rig to improve their own skills 


Even non-humans want to go esports racing

There are the people that want to use the rig to educate others


And the selfless souls that don’t even want it for themselves!