After a final elimination round in California, four gamers have advanced to the finale of World’s Fastest Gamer 2.

Max Benecke, Sebastian Job, James Baldwin and Mitchell de Jong survived each elimination along the #CaliforniaDreamin tour to earn a spot in the Las Vegas finale.

The four gamers were chosen by Rudy van Buren following Jann Mardenborough’s return to Japan for the final round of the 2019 Super GT season. While previous eliminations cut one member from each of the orange and blue teams, the final cut eliminated the bottom two gamers regardless of team.

Eliminations took place on Treasure Island in San Francisco following the final gaming event of the tour. Erhan Jajovski took victory over Sebastian Job and James Baldwin in front of the stunning San Francisco skyline.

Despite the victory, Jajovski was still eliminated from the competition alongside fellow team orange member Aurelien Mallet.

“This elimination was based less about who should go home and more about which four we felt were the most ready to move on in the competition,” Rudy van Buren said.

“It was clear to myself, and to Jann before he left, that James, Seb, Mitchell and Max were the most ready for a full-time drive.

“Aurelien has improved so much during this competition, but just hasn’t had the consistency of the four moving on.

“And Erhan, despite winning today on rFactor, hasn’t been as impressive as the other four in some of the real-world on-track challenges. Ultimately, both of these guys did a great job, but unfortunately our choice for the four finalists were clear.”

Team Blue’s de Jong, Benecke and Job will be joined by the sole orange team member remaining, Baldwin, to fight it out for a real-world race drive in 2020 valued at more than US$1 million prize.

“I wasn’t too surprised by the judge’s choice,” Mallet said.

“I gave it my all and I’m so proud of how much I’ve learned and improved. I went from never turning a lap in a real race car to keeping up with some really quick guys around tracks like Laguna Seca.

“I’m bummed I wasn’t quick enough to continue on, but this has still been one of the most amazing experiences.”

Jajovski echoed his sentiments.

“At the end of the day, only one guy can be the winner,” he said following his elimination.

“Working with the coaches has been great, and I’ve been able to go great places and meet good people.

“I’m sad to be going home, but no one should feel sorry for me because I got to be a part of this amazing competition.”